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ever haute co. | permanent jewelry

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Now available in the Wabash Valley, Indiana - ever haute co. | permanent jewelry 

Mobile Permanent Jewelry Bar

Our Permanent Jewelry Bar is available to book for local events in the following cities and surrounding areas:

  • Brazil, Indiana
  • Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Greencastle, Indiana
  • Rockville, Indiana

Don't see your city on the list? Message us to see if we are available for further travel! To book your event, we request there to be a minimum of about 10 welds (10 bracelets, anklets, etc.)

Permanent Jewelry Appointments

We are now booking permanent jewelry appointments at our Terre Haute Location!  Appointments vary throughout each week based on availability. Our suite location can accommodate smaller parties up to 5 people. 

Suite Location Address: 2959 Erie Canal Road, Terre Haute, Indiana

Book your Permanent Jewelry Appointment Now! 

Permanent Jewelry FAQs

What is permanent jewelry? A custom-fit chain "permanently welded" to your wrist, ankle or necklace using a quick and simple process. The piece of jewelry is claspless and is custom fit to you

What is your pricing for permanent jewelry? Pricing can fluctuate based on the price of metals, but here is our current price list: 

How old do I need to be to get a permanent jewelry piece? You must be at least 3 years old to obtain a piece of permanent jewelry and be able to sit still. We may refuse to weld on anyone, of any age if you are unable to remain still during the welding process.

Does it hurt to get permanent jewelry? Not at all! There will be a small flash during the welding process but it's completely painless. 

How long will your permanent jewelry last? Depends on the chain that you choose, and many environmental factors. Meaning if you are doing something that could cause it to constantly snag, your piece could break. 

What if your permanent jewelry piece breaks? Read more here about our ever haute co. |  Promise Guarantee 

What permanent jewelry options do you offer? Bracelets, anklets and necklaces/chokers

What permanent jewelry metals do you carry?  Solid 14K Gold, 14K Yellow Gold Filled, 14K Rose Gold Filled and Sterling Silver

What if I need to have my permanent jewelry removed? Feel free to contact us to have removed or you are able to cut through the jump ring with a very sharp pair of scissors. If you wish to have welded back on at a later time, schedule and appointment and we will do so for a small charge ($10).

Will I need to remove my permanent jewelry going through airport security? Nope - travelers go through security each day without removing any jewelry through security.

Will I need to remove my permanent jewelry for medical procedures? Yes - for some medical procedures, you will need to remove your permanent jewelry piece. Contact us to remove and weld your piece back on after your procedure. 

Are gift certificates available? YES! Click here to purchase yours! 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. 

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